Verify & Withdraw PayPal Using SFI Debit Card

It is not a secret anymore that PayPal is the most used payment processor on the internet. Having a PayPal account is very important for you if you have any dealing with online transaction because using PayPal account is more secure than credit card, whether for online personal purchase or even for professional business purpose.

A PayPal account will be useful completely only if the status is verified, because you will not be able to withdraw your fund unless if your PayPal account has been verified (usually) using credit card. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, dealing to have a credit card some time is not as easy as others because they have a bad credit record or not meet the minimum requirement. Some of them even try to use a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) in order to verify their PayPal account but as long as i know (or maybe you've knew it) it is so risky of being banned or freezed as we may have heard many times.

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Here is one of the solution, i use a debit card ( It is called as SFI Cash Card) that i received from SFI because i'm one of SFI's affiliate. As a non USA affiliate, SFI gives me a Globewallet Card with Visa logo as my SFI Cash Card in order to receive my monthly SFI commission directly via my card. This Debit Card is issued by Global Bank Of Commerce, LTD. SFI will give me that card if my earning can reach $50 and it will be sent to my home for free, it is free and easy to join the SFI Affiliate Program, Visit my other blog at here to get more information about SFI Affiliate program and how to join it :)

I have succesfully used this card to receive $59 of my commission from Bravenet Affiliate Program. Below is the screenshot of withdrawing process from my verified PayPal account using this Debit Card.

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SFI Cash Card update : Starting from January 2008 SFI will use Mastercard from as SFI Cash Card instead of Visa GlobeWallet Card and this Mastercard still can be used to verify PayPal account but can not be used to withdraw fund from PayPal for most of Asian countries. SFI will give you this SFI Cash Card if your earning can reach at least $20 or more at the end of the month. Visit my blog to learn how !

Now for Indonesian and Philipine PayPal user can withdraw the fund to their local bank account. Or if you want to withdraw fund from PayPal , you can use VMI Card like this one below :

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